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About Us

About The Podcast

Culture Trumpet is a new podcast focusing on all corners of pop culture, including movies, TV, gaming, tech graphic novels, music, theatre, art, and more – whatever grabs our eye!

We won’t be obsessed with keeping on the cutting edge of ‘breaking news’, but will bring you a range of reviews, opinion pieces, retrospectives, and general chinwaggery.

We’re also planning to produce some Patreon-exclusive content, like deep-dive, single-topic episodes, and uncut versions of our regular episodes, complete with all our mistakes and off-topic ramblings. So if that sounds like your thing, please show your support – it lets us know we’re on the right track, and will help us cover hosting and production costs for the long term. Thanks!

About The Presenters


The real brains – and, let’s honest – smouldering beauty behind Culture Trumpet, Mark was pestered into doing the podcast by Dan. When not wanging on about stuff on here, he dabbles in tech, tries to work through his ever-increasing number of movies on his ‘to watch’ pile, and runs the steelbookbluray.com website. He is opinionated and pedantic. But usually right. And modest.


Our token Welsh presenter is a self confessed nerd. From the Marvel Cinematic Universe to Computer builds. He thinks he knows lots about everything. He is quite into his music and more specifically Metal and Rock music. Not to everyone’s taste but we do let him talk about that passion of his from time to time. He doesn’t always get his facts right but he’s quite a dab hand with podcasting.

Please send feedback, comments, suggestions and questions by contacting us here.